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Special Venue for Special Occasion

The sophisticated outdoor wedding venue situated just north of Bengaluru offers guests the chance to host their wedding ceremony in a range of magnificent settings.

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    Exclusive wedding venue

    Kalanivasthi, Bengaluru’s most majestic and sophisticated outdoor events venue, specialising in Weddings.

    Wedding Venue

    The sophisticated outdoor wedding venue situated just north of Bengaluru and Surrounded by lush forests and grasslands, it provides couples with rarely-found seclusion, allowing their guests to feel an authentic sense of natural tranquility.


    Kalanivasthi lawns are 1.5 times the size of an Olympic swimming pool, which means that there is plenty of flexibility for family fun days or team building activities. Every event is created as a bespoke event to suit your needs.

    Heritage Rooms

    Kalanivasthi has a cosy, homely feel that guests will warm to instantly. The wood panelled rooms and Art Deco touches have been lovingly restored to create a decidedly vintage vibe that doesn’t feel dated.

    About us

    Expertly Delivered Wedding Celebrations.

    Our committed events team will work with you to create a bespoke wedding event, tailored personally to your preferences. We offer expert wedding planners to alleviate the stress, allowing you to relax and soak in the best bits.

    At Kalanivasthi, we understand the importance of every little detail, and pride ourselves on executing the most stunning and unique finishes that truly make all the difference.

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    Bangaluru's favourite heritage wedding venue for your memorable Events

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