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Bangalorean’s favourite luxurious outdoor wedding destinations.

Best Outdoor Wedding Venue in Bengaluru


A meticulously planned wedding wonderland is prepared for the execution of stunning weddings with memorable backdrops.  The mandap design is a beautiful fusion of traditional elements and modern style.  Guests are treated to a breathtaking view of your wedding ceremony, made possible by surrounding pool with stairs and beautiful traditional seating.  The possibilities are endless with this platform, which can be transformed into a remarkable setting for fashion shows and product launches in addition to heritage weddings.  The expansive lawn, with partial roof covering and hybrid arrangements, is an ideal setting for large events, accommodating over 2000 guests, while still providing a beautiful outdoor atmosphere.  The outdoor seating area is a photographer’s dream, offering the perfect combination of natural daylight and beautiful surroundings for capturing timeless photographs.  The Indo-Bali style heritage homes offer a charming and antique feel with modern amenities to provide the ultimate comfort and convenience for your wedding guests. Celebrate your pre-wedding ceremonies and captivate your guests with the allure of the courtyard tharavad.  Enjoy the beautiful rustic backdrop and engage your guests in old traditional games like chowka bara on this courtyard.  Relish the exquisite sight of the gigantic well as a picturesque setting for photos, which was said to have been dug during rule of the Chola empire.   There have been rumours built around this well and a great king of the Chola dynasty who ruled in that empire.  It is said that the king used to quench his thirst by drinking water from this well while on his hunting trips.  He had stumbled upon this well when he was very thirsty.  The water had such a sweet taste that he wanted to revisit it every time he passed that way.  He also felt a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction whenever he drank it.  It was the only well in the surrounding areas which did not dry up even in the harshest of summers.  The story goes on to say that the king visited and drank often from this well and his empire had soon prospered into a great dynasty.


Heritage Hall

Get married in a historically important and beautiful location with some of the best wedding planners in town.

Lavish Lawns

The luxurious home with a stunning lawn that's worth every penny! for our weddings and reception. !

20+ Heritage Rooms

Urban design draws together the many strands of place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity.

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