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Bangalorean’s favourite luxurious outdoor wedding destinations.

There was once a legendary king who presided over the Chola Empire. This great king ruled over his kingdom with wisdom and justice. He was known for his valour and his love for his people. One day while on his hunting trip, he felt very hungry and thirsty and he stumbled upon a giant mysterious well. Local rumours say that the king was fascinated by the well’s crystal-clear water. When he drank the water from the well, he found to his amazement that the water was not only a refreshing drink that quenched his thirst, it also sated his hunger. The sweet water from the well had a magical effect on the king. He was captivated by its taste and believed it gave him strength and energy. He also felt a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when he drank it. From that day on, he would often visit the well during his hunting trips, taking breaks from his pursuit of game to drink from its sweet water. As he drank from the well, he would reflect on his kingdom, its people and his rule. He believed that the well had given him clarity and wisdom needed to govern with compassion and justice. The king who was known for his benevolence believed that the well water had mystical powers and declared the well a sacred place, ordering that it be protected and preserved for his people and for the future generations. The well became a symbol of the king’s love for his people. The king’s entourage started calling the well Poornatirtha.

When the villagers got the word that the king had come hunting, they would host a reception for the king around the well. It is believed that the village chief offered one of his daughters to the king in marriage, but the king could not accept because he was already married. It is said that the king was so moved by chieftain and his proposal that he suggested that he would have one his best men to marry the girl instead. The same day the wedding was conducted by the well ceremoniously. The king himself conducted the wedding ceremony dressed in his hunting attire. The well was decorated with flowers and garlands and the priests chanted hymns and mantras, invoking the blessings of the gods for the newlyweds. After the ceremony, the king took a sip of water from the well, and he blessed the couple, wishing them a long and happy life together. The well water was served to the guests after the ceremony. The wedding by the well became a tradition in the kingdom and many noble families followed suit, conducting their wedding ceremonies by the sacred well. Years passed, and the king and his empire prospered to a great dynasty. The well remained a symbol of love, happiness and prosperity and it continued to bless the people of the Chola Empire for generations to come.

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