This unique kalyan mandap is a divine setting, a place of sacredness, where soulmates exchange vows and profess their love and commitment. The mandap is at the heart of the venue, which is surrounded by magnificent banquet halls, historic heritage homes, a large mystic well and a corporate hall. Carefully and meticulously prepared for spectacular and majestic Indian weddings, this mandap is surrounded by tranquil waters with steps to seat the guests around the mandap. This beautiful place creates an atmosphere of calmness and serenity that enhances the beauty of the wedding ceremony. Your guests will be able to take in every detail of your wedding from every angle, thanks to the surrounding steps with beautiful traditional seating. The mandap design beautifully merges the timeless beauty of tradition with the elegance of modernity, resulting in a truly remarkable and unforgettable aesthetic. As you walk down the ramp towards your bright future, make a solemn commitment to each other on this truly sophisticated and authentic mandap. Enhance the look and feel of your ramp and mandap with a customized mix of floral decorations, fabric draping and lighting arrangements under the starlit sky to achieve the desired effect for your special night. The outdoor seating offers perfect natural daylight, an excellent spot for capturing natural and timeless photographs during the day. Colourful cushions and mattresses on the surrounding steps not only offer perfect comfort to your guests but also add a touch of elegance and beauty to the décor. With it’s adaptability and versatility, the platform can also be transformed into an exceptional setting for fashion shows and product launches in addition to heritage weddings. The possibilities are limitless as Kalanivasthi calls out to you.

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