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Stone flooring

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As you step into the courtyard adjoining Kalanivasthi, you are immediately struck by the enchanting ambiance of the courtyard and the mesmerizing allure of the surrounding nine chambers. The captivating allure and sheer beauty of the stone flooring that graces the corridor to these chambers are unmissable. The stone flooring intricately captures the essence of the exquisite artwork that hails from the Chola era. The artisans of the Chola Dynasty were highly skilled in stone carving and used their expertise to create elaborate motifs on the floors. These patterns often depicted mythological scenes, floral designs, geometric shapes, and intricate borders. The Cholas primarily used stone as the main material for their flooring. The type of stone used on our venue courtyard are granite and limestone. The stones are meticulously polished to a smooth and glossy surface, reflecting light and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the structure. The polished finish also made the floor easy to clean and maintain. The reddish-brown and shades of cream and beige add depth and visual interest to the flooring. The strong and sturdy nature of the stones ensures that the flooring could withstand heavy foot traffic and the test of time. The stone flooring brought in from the times of the Chola Dynasty exemplifies the architectural and artistic brilliance of the era. With its intricate patterns, meticulous inlay work, flawless shine, and enduring strength, the stone flooring stands as a testament to the Chola artisans’ remarkable craftsmanship, leaving a magnificent legacy that will continue to inspire and enthrall future generations.

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