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Traditions Unveiled- Unearthing the Legacy of Our Ancestors

Tradition, according to Gustav Mahler, “is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” Thus, by skillfully fusing heirloom and antique decor into a tapestry of romance and nostalgia, our magical location highlights a couple’s passionate flame. By strategically using traditional and vintage elements, we teleport our guests beyond space and time to a bygone era, where eternal romance takes the spotlight. The Kalani Vasti entrance leads to two massive hall-like foyers. Our meticulous attention to detail narrates the profound relationship between nature and spirituality while showcasing the rich cultural heritage and traditional beliefs of Indonesia’s Bali Island. We discovered a mythical wood that could only be found on Bali Island. The wood is said to possess extraordinary qualities, including the capacity to radiate good vibes, maintain harmony, and infuse the environment with a sense of serenity. Impressed by its extraordinary characteristics, we were determined to incorporate it into our venue. Exploring the local markets, we discovered “Balinese Serenity Wood,” a rare wood species with a fine texture, a royal maroon hue, and intricate patterns left by time. We moved the wood to our venue with great care, transforming it into magnificent architectural features and ornate doors that exuded the spirit of Bali. It is well known that Buddhism had a big influence on how Bali’s traditional history was woven together, leaving the island with spiritual legacies. Consequently, we also added 60 to 70 old Buddhist-inspired stone sculptures to the space to further imbue it with spirituality. We adhere to the teachings of Buddha, who stated that “love is a gift of one’s innermost soul to another so that both may be whole.” Similar to the molten and flaming lava that resides deep within the earth, the two lovers’ ferocious passion is locked deep within their souls. The divine desires of the two lovers expose their innermost natures to each other, just as lava erupts with divine force. We hand-sculpted a stone basin out of natural lava stone to honour the igniting power of love and passion. Every time someone uses the sink, they will be reminded of love’s power to transform lives while shattering barriers, much like lava’s power to transform the harsh landscape. Two identical, 200-year-old Konamavu trees have been replanted next to one another on a raised platform to honour the various auspicious connotations of different cultural and spiritual beliefs. Symbolizing unity and balance, two identical trees next to each other signify the interdependence of two individuals who grow in love and partnership. Two identical trees growing close to one another represent the couple’s wealth and fertility as a family, as well as their spiritual alignment. An ancient well from the Chola period is located close to the trees. There was an ancient temple 200 kilometres away from this well that supposedly offered divine protection to the entire area. The Chola king Aditya I was on an expedition to the Kannada region. He visited this temple under the guidance of his high priest in order to receive divine blessings for his victory. His army experienced severe thirst as they advanced. As they moved on, they noticed some young women drawing water from the well for some festive celebrations. King Aditya I rewarded them with riches and the construction of architecture as a token of appreciation for their generosity in drawing water for him and his army. The Chola dynasty’s intricately carved wooden doors are a work of architecture that preserves a rich past within their heavy wooden frame. Despite the scarcity of such talented craftspeople, we were able to obtain the genuine regal wooden door from Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. The ancient well still contains underground water as a representation of the couple’s unending love and romance that quenches their hearts’ desires. Similar to the women who drew water from the well to quench the thirst of King Aditya I and his troops, a wife draws life’s waters from the well of perseverance and upholds the sanctity of the marriage by enticing her husband with her commitment and hard work. Following that, a husband shows his appreciation for his wife by opening up and exposing his feelings. As they continue to express gratitude for their interdependence, their marriage is like a celebration of spring. The wooden door is the threshold of a new beginning, where two people leave behind the familiar past and embrace the shared journey of marital bliss. The sturdiness of the wooden door also represents the safety and security of the marriage against external challenges. A welcoming gateway to love and home, the door symbolizes love, unity, and the creation of a family. Using the remaining bricks from the Chola architecture constructed under King Aditya I’s rule, we brought the Chola dynasty’s bygone era back to life. Similar to the classic quality of love that endures through time and enriches our hearts with its enduring beauty, vintage items hold the timeless allure of a bygone era.

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